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We prioritize advancing our Tech's career goals, while at the same time meeting your business goals

By putting an emphasis on an employees goals and interests we're able to better match the right people with the right jobs.

HireTechs provides it's placements with a continuous stream of opportunities to grow their careers. Our flexible staffing solutions prove beneficial for both employers and employees, wether you're looking to staff people on contract, contract-to-hire, or a direct placement basis.

We take the time to understand your business needs, where you are now, and where you want to be. We then develop IT staffing strategies that help bridge that gap. Wether you need full-time staff to handle your infrastructure, deploy applications and provide application support, or need people short term to handle specific projects, HireTechs has the right solution to mitigate downtime and enhance your IT workforce. The best way to learn more about what HireTechs can do for you is to Contact Us

We recruit the best IT professionals from various areas of expertise, including:

  • Network Infrastructure Services
  • Communications Services
  • IT Applications Services
  • IT Direct Placement Services
  • Managed IT Services
  • Microsoft Support Services
  • ERP Support Services
  • Technology Deployment
  • Project Management

Techs that are Tried and Tested in live environments before they're put in yours

IT Talent recruitment doesn't start with a job opening, and doesn't end with a placement. Many steps are taken to ensure your IT needs are in capable hands.

Recruitment is half the story, our techs are trained and coached by Senior IT Technicians that have decades of experience serving clients across Canada and the United States. We run career building exercises with new hires to set them up for future growth and make sure they integrate well in their new environments.

HireTechs also helps IT professionals obtain important certifications by providing them access to thousands of resources. It is important to recognize the constant pace at which the Tech Industry is changing and have an IT workforce that is adaptive and knowledgeable. HireTechs routinely follows up with our placement to introduce new technologies and learning opportunities as they become available.

Aside from technical training, HireTechs puts emphasis on Business learning as well. It is important that our Techs understand how IT operations effect a business as a whole. It is crucial for Tech workers to understand the industry they work in to better their decisions making and problem solving skills. HireTechs helps facilitate this learning and other initiatives throughout a placements time at your company.


Let IT professionals manage your IT workforce

Routine follow-up practices, SurveyBallot tools to track employer satisfaction, and a Ticketing System for better reporting and escalation.

Being part of a leading IT Solutions provider allows HireTechs to better understand how to manage your IT workforce or projects. We know what works and what doesn't, and leverage this experience to improve our client's IT operations. HireTechs also provides employers with our unique SurveyBallot analytics tool to track their satisfaction and help improve their IT Hiring strategy. For clients with a smaller IT footprint, HireTechs can provide a custom ticketing system to more efficiently manage IT problems with better reporting and escalation procedures. We take pride in being able to provide measurable outcomes and goals.

Our management practices are developed to enable you to achieve your business goals quickly-but also cost effectively. Our clients benefit from our decades of experience providing IT services in Canada and the United States. We know what works-and what doesn't. HireTechs pushes our placements to learn more and continually develop their skills-wether thats acquiring more certifications or providing confidence to adopt more leadership roles and opportunities. Your IT workforce grows alongside your business and produces better outcomes.


Your IT environment is as
powerful as the people who manage it

Implementing strategic IT Hiring can improve day-to-day efficiency in your IT workforce and drive foreword your business goals .